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At supplemental insurance we're here to help you and your family prepare for everything life can throw at you.

Life Happens.


Make Sure You and Your Family Are Covered


Plans For Every Occasion

We walk through every scenario you want to be prepared for, and custom fit the coverage to match your lifestyle.


These are some of the questions we get the most, hopefully they can help you decide if Supplemental Insurance is the right broker for you.

Do I really need supplemental insurance?

Our purpose is to educate you on what your insurance really covers, and what the limitations and gaps are in your policy, if you have one.

Will I get paid in addition to other insurance programs?

Of course! Supplemental insurance is a class of insurance that pays in addition to all other coverage! WCB is a must have, but it does have limitations, and the products we have access to pair perfectly with it.

What kind of payouts are possible?

For hospitalization and sickness you can be covered for up to $9000/month, 365 days a year. We even pay in non-hospitalized cases, just ask us how.

What kind of things can be covered?

Stitches, broken bones, hospitalizaton, ICU intensive care, recovery time, surgeries, cancer, strokes, heart trouble, head trauma, burns, and cancer treatments are all examples of what can pay you cash through Supplemental nsurance. Loss of life, limb, eye, and ambulatory services can also be covered. Anything that would result in the inability to perform your usual business or occupation would be covered under our disability policies.

Case Examples

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